We offer a broad range of international designer products for your furniture.

Decorative Sheets

Homapal & Holz In Form

High quality and unique wood products from Germany, used in all areas of the interiors which include series like Borke, Antique wood, Groove, etc.

Wall Art with Murals

The idea of shifting the perception of walls being mere ‘Separators’ of space, to them becoming ‘Canvases ‘ - Art frees us from the shackles and self-limiting beliefs of our mind, allows us to imagine new possibilities and more importantly, give us whole new ways of understanding and appreciating the complexity of life

Limited edition reproduction authenticated by the artist himself and then presented as a well curated story, making art not only accessible but also, deeply engaging. We hope this hand-picked collection of the various artists will leave you as enthralled as it did us.

Artificial Grass & Green Walls

The urban green revolution is all around us. From floriferous balconies to lush roof gardens, the plant love in our cities continues to grow. There is no need to restrict planning to the grounds. From the smallest house to the biggest development, bringing the walls to life.


Manufactured in Austria, high quality synthetic design panels that ranges from metal to fabric to leather. Available in more than 300 patterns and designs, they are best suited for interior, furnitures, shop, fashion, architectural and digital display purposes.

Designer Laminate Sheets

A comprehensive range of super premium laminates with elegant designs in leather, metal, fabric etc to choose from. Available in different thickness, for superior finish.


Designer panels manufactured in Turkey with exclusive designs for interior application. Varied material make and ease of use makes the product an instant hit with the interior designers.

Bonded Quartz

Bonded Quartz is a high-performance surfacing solution ideal for today's interior spaces. Unlike anything else on the market, Bonded Quartz incorporates ceramic microspheres in a tough polymer matrix. This combination yields incredibly durable, lightweight castings that have a stunning surface appearance and are easy to clean.

Roller Blinds

The next level of curtains, an elegant range of blinds available in venetian,collinear, vertical, zebra, roman and many more formats.


Edge Artech

The latest uber-luxury dream offering is Edge Artech. Panels and separators that will give you innovative ways of redefining your interiors with an oriental and exotic touch, marrying art and technology to craft your world.

MDF 3D Grill

Customised particle board panels that can be painted as per requirement. Ideal for use as partition and separators. Scores high on durability.

and many more products....